PMT is a Full-Service Environmental Consulting firm made up of a team of highly skilled geologists, hydrogeologists, biologists, and environmental health professionals specializing in servicing federal, State, municipal, and private industry in site characterization and remediation, transactional due diligence, project management, permitting, and litigation support.

Quality, Integrity, and Responsiveness
These are the qualities that are the foundation of PMT. The primary goal of PMT is to ensure that the environmental goals of our clients are accomplished in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Each project is approached with a team concept. PMT’s team of highly experienced environmental professionals utilizes up-to-date information and the most current technologies available while carrying out their assignments. The team approach allows the project to be looked at from various disciplines including geology, biology, public health and safety, and industrial hygiene. These efforts lead to high quality and informative reports that are easily read and comprehended by both technical and laypersons involved in management decisions.

PMT believes that the client’s long term best interest is also PMT’s long-term best interest. Through high quality accurate reports, competitive pricing, and on-time deliveries, we believe that the client’s best interest is served. PMT’s pricing policy includes competitive pricing for PMT’s services as well as direct billing of subcontractor invoices without mark-ups. PMT prides itself on responsiveness. We understand the importance of client deadlines and promise to meet those deadlines. In addition, PMT’s top management has extensive experience at the State and local government levels. This experience allows PMT to effectively and expeditiously process permit and closure issues. Unlike many large firms, no project is too small; and unlike many small firms, no project is too large. Well-versed in the ever changing and growing regulatory codes, PMT is dedicated exclusively to meeting the environmental needs of today’s business and planning for tomorrow’s challenges.